"Is your emotional stress causing your deteriorating health and unhappy relationship with your family?"

Do you feel your health is declining with each passing day no matter what treatment you try? Do you feel your relationship with your family is becoming sour slowly? And do you realize all these are mostly caused by your emotional stress?

There are many reasons for not getting ahead in your life. But one of the most important factors is your emotional health. If your mind and soul are hurt, you couldn't build a healthy body and a healthy relationship with your family.

So what emotional stress you may have right now?
How about uncontrolled anger, hatred and jealousy? If you have one of these in your heart, it's like having a nuclear reactor inside your body. It gives you power. But it slowly pollutes your heart with toxics.

Maybe you often get angry and say words that hurt others. Maybe deep inside your heart, you've been hating someone for a long long time. And maybe your life is full of sadness. Whatever it is, you certainly don't feel good with that.

If you think it's perfectly all right to get angry and shout at anyone you don't like... If you think everyone in this world owes you a million dollar and you don't care how they feel... And if you think you can withstand those emotional pressures and bear the risk of having all sorts of sicknesses including cancer... Then, you can stop reading now. The rest of this won't interest you much.

But if you really want to stop all this emotional pain, continue to read on.

This may be the most important letter you'll read this year. As you read through this letter to the end, you'll soon find the key to a new life. You'll realize the easy way to learn:

  • How you could easily control your emotional stress
  • How you could improve your health naturally without any magic potion
  • How you could get along better with your family and friends

How do you achieve that?
Have you heard of someone who changed their life completely after witnessing one special incident or hearing one inspiring story?

A great story inspires us. A great story motivates us. And a great story educates us.

A great story can teach you something that takes years of experiences to learn so that you can avoid repeating the same mistakes of others.

A great story teller
More than ten years ago, a doctor named Kingdy Lee from Taiwan realized a disturbing fact. After treating many patients with all sort of sicknesses, he found that most are not real sicknesses at all. Instead, most are sicknesses of the human mind and heart.

Do you know getting angry may lead to high blood pressure, stroke and even diabetes? If patients continue to get angry, their sicknesses will never get well. Instead, their health gets worse day by day even with medications.

So when you consult a doctor, they'll often say, "You must not get stressed and angry." Did that do any good to you? Probably not. Doctor doesn't have the time to explain in details about how your emotional problems worsen your physical health.

Dr Lee couldn't bear himself seeing his patients unable to improve their health due to emotional pressure. And since no doctor would step up and tell the world, Dr Lee did.

Healing your Body, Mind and Soul with Inspiring Stories
Dr Lee began conducting "Body, Mind and Soul" seminar and taught people how to improve their emotional stress. He didn't read out boring facts that made people sleep.

Instead, Dr Lee tells real life stories he encountered in the hospital. With these stories, Dr Lee inspires everyone to change their bad habits and improve their health naturally. He makes people laugh and he makes people cry. Most importantly, he makes people wake up and realize the importance of emotional health.

For more than ten years, countless people from different countries benefited from his seminar. Some slowly improve their temper and treat their family in a more gentle way. Some released their years of hatred toward their brother or sister. And most importantly, many improved their stubborn health problems after healing their emotional pain.

A special invitation for you
Here you're invited to attend this inspiring seminar by Dr Lee at a very low fee of $3000 only. It will be held in Malaysia tomorrow. So please pack your luggage now and fly here quickly.

Opsss… just kidding!

Even if you come, you may not understand it because Dr Lee doesn't speak English. It's such a big waste if his valuable information can only benefit a small group of people. Therefore, I took the initiative to translate Dr Lee's inspiring stories into an ebook. It includes the same stories that have changed many people's life. Introducing…

Whyangry Ebook


Why Angry?
Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul
with Inspiring Stories






Here's what you'll discover in "Why Angry?" ebook.

Chapter 1: Why Stop Angry Now?

  • How a 40-year-old woman got breast cancer even though she didn't inherit any cancer gene from her parents or grand parents. She seldom got angry, took great care of her diet and exercised regularly. But this one emotional problem caused her cancer and eventually took her life away. And this particular emotional problem is responsible for many other cancer cases too.
  • How a mother indirectly and unknowingly caused the death of her two babies with another common emotional problem.
  • What's the finding of a German cancer specialist regarding the link between cancer and emotional stress.
  • Can forgiveness really heal cancer? Read this actual story on how a man found the answer for his lung cancer.
  • How a tiny matter caused a father to burst out in anger, caused her small daughter's disability and eventually committed suicide.
  • What are the four overlooked reasons for not getting angry.

Chapter 2: Control Your Anger or It Controls You

  • What has playing chess and driving a car got to do with controlling your anger?
  • If it's unhealthy to burst out in anger or suppress the anger, what do you do with the anger?
  • How a mother taught her child the irreversible consequences of throwing temper at others.
  • Do you know different ways of looking at the same thing give different reactions? How to apply it to your benefits?
  • How anger causes stroke.
  • How anger causes cancer

Chapter 3: Release Your Hatred before It Kills You

  • What can a monk and a sexy girl teach you about releasing hatred?
  • Why you must release all your hatred towards others as soon as possible?
  • How a young girl became mentally crazy because of hatred. What her dad had to say about it?
  • What can we learn from little kids about forgiveness?
  • If someone hurts you and you want to record it, what's the best place to write on? And if someone helps you instead, what's the best place to record on?

Chapter 4: Shut Your Big Bad Mouth!

  • Why you better shut your big mouth and stop criticizing others?
  • If you still want to criticize, what's the requirement you must have?
  • Why a student wears short pan and sandal to school during sunny day, windy day and even raining day? Do you want to know why?
  • Do you believe the bad words you say out will bounce back to you eventually? Here are some real life stories to prove that.

Chapter 5: Eyes on Top of Your Head

  • You realize there's a fly in your soup when you're dining in a restaurant. What should you do? What are the consequences of doing it wrong?
  • How arrogance affects your relationship with others and affects your career.
  • How to teach your children humbleness in front of a "shit taker"

Chapter 6: Neutral Heart

  • Why you'll often lose when your winning desire is too high. How you can use this principle to your life.
  • What are the secrets of Zen teaching?
  • What a chess game can teach you about the law of life?
  • Are you overwhelmed with never ending life challenges? Always stumble on relationship problems? Here's how you should face it.
  • Do like to play a boring tennis game? How about a boring life? Here's a new way to look at life challenges.


A Life-Changing Ebook
Have you ever finish reading a thick book only to find that you've learnt nothing out of it? And you didn't even get one important point you can use. Well, I did.

How about reading only a story that seemed to knock your head hard and make you realize something important you've never thought of? And the impact lasts for a very long time in your mind. It keeps circling around your head wherever you go. Well, I've found it too.

If you haven't, you must have a look at "Why Angry?" ebook. There's simply no room for junk information. What you'll find are compact and inspiring stories to heal your body, mind and soul.

How much is your investment for this inspiring ebook?
Before attending any motivational seminar for $300 or even $3000, think about this.  Usually, most attendees are "demotivated" after two weeks. And after two months, they're probably back to their old habits.

With "Why Angry?" ebook, you'll have a collection of inspiring stories that you can read over and over again. Why must you read it more than once? Because we learn through repetition. Every additional reading may give new inspirations to you. The more you read it, the more you can absorb its real meanings. Although I've heard these stories for many times, the impact is completely different every time I hear it.

And if you can really grasp the true meaning of every stories inside "Why Angry?" ebook, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in future medical bill. Improving your emotional health is the best thing you can do to improve your overall health. Believe it or not, it's the best elixir for longevity.

Well, are you expecting your investment for this one-of-its-kind ebook anywhere between $67 to $97? Hmmm..... it's way too low for that. You can only get your copy of "Why Angry?" if you're prepared to invest a HUGE amount of $47

But wait! HUGE investment must come with HUGE bonuses, don't you agree?
If you invest in "Why Angry?" today, you'll also immediately get two invaluable bonuses for free. You can also get the third bonus, "How Your Simple Habit Leads to Complex Disease" at a special discount.

Whyangry Ebook

Exclusive Bonus #1

I'm Great!
Boost Your Self Confidence
with Inspiring Stories
($17 value)





Exclusive bonus #1: Boost Your Self Confidence with Inspiring Stories (A $17 value)

Let's face it. One of the causes for getting angry is low self confidence. You're really fragile and easily hurt when you have low self confidence.

Unfortunately, many people chose the wrong method to build their self image. They worked on the outside instead of working from the inside. Here's what you'll learn from this bonus report.

  • My small daughter said I looked like a ghost! How did I react?
  • Can you accept your look? How about doing some plastic surgery to become more beautiful?
  • Do you really need to do breast enlargement?
  • How do you choose your ideal life partner?


Whyangry Ebook

Exclusive Bonus #2

My Goal
Achieve Your Life Goals
with Inspiring Stories
($17 value)





Exclusive bonus #2: Achieve Your Goal with Inspiring Stories (A $17 value)

So, you've learnt a great deal of new knowledge. And you realize you're having a few bad habits you want to change. Most people learnt something new and do nothing about it. After a few weeks, they totally forgot about it.

If you want to change yourself for a better tomorrow, what must you do? Firstly, you must have a strong determination. Secondly, you must take action. And thirdly, you must be persistent. Here's what you'll learn from this bonus report.

  • Liaonan wanted to become a nun. But she faced with many different obstacles along the way. See how her strong determination helped to achieve her goal.
  • Why a girl slapped her boy friend for not "taking action"?
  • A guy asked his girl friend, "Can I kiss you?" But why his girl friend jumped up in anger although she wanted his kiss very much?
  • What can we learn from salmon fish on persistence.


Whyangry Ebook

Exclusive Bonus #3 at special discount

How Simple Habit Leads to Complex Diseases
($27 value)





Exclusive bonus #3: How Simple Habit Leads to Complex Diseases (A $27 value, available at special discount)

Warning! Do you know your simple everyday habit may unknowingly lead you to complex diseases? A simple habit such as eating potato chips or BBQ can be very deadly over the long term. You'll be surprised with all the facts in this report.

  • How sore throat eventually leads to kidney failure.
  • How a young undergraduate got nasal cancer from his favorite food.
  • How a 20-year-old year girl couldn't walk due to knee arthritis caused by her favorite food.
  • The truth of antibiotic. How to take antibiotic to prevent your sickness from getting worse to incurable.
  • The truth of blood test report. Why you shouldn't get too happy when your blood test report shows everything is fine with you.
  • How acidic body causes all sort of bone problems and body pain.
  • What meat has to do with your temper?
  • And a lot more surprising facts...


Well, what are you waiting for?
Make a strong determination to improve your emotional health, improve your relationship with others and most importantly improve your overall health, starting from today. "Why Angry?" ebook will be one of your best investment for this year.

Choose the package you want below and click "Buy now" button. Then, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you enter your payment information. Once it's successful, you'll be immediately taken to a special download page where you can download "Why Angry?" ebook together with all its bonuses.

In less than five minutes, you'll start reading "Why Angry" ebook and start your journey towards a better emotional, mental and physical health.

"Errr… What if I don't quite like it after finish reading it?"
Well, it's simple. Read it again and again until you like it! Just kidding. Actually, I'm quite confident you'll find this ebook indispensable for improving your emotional health.

But if there's any chances that you don't quite like it after you read it, don't worry. Don't burst out in anger and feel you've been cheated by a handsome guy you've never seen in real person. (Did I say anything wrong?)

Actually, your purchase is completely risk-free on your part. If you feel you don't like these ebooks, just let me know within 56 days from the date of your purchase. I'll refund every single dollar of your investment, i.e. you get all your money back without a single penny less.

There are only two possible outcomes after you invest in "Why Angry?" ebook.
Firstly, you may find this ebook simply wonderful and it's worth 10 times or even 100 times of your investment. Your emotional health improves. Your relationship with your family and friends improves. And your overall health improves steadily. Your life becomes more colorful indeed.

Or secondly, you may feel you don't quite like it. You simply email me and ask for a refund. Once I receive your email, I'll issue you a full refund immediately. No question asked. And I won't get angry either. (Ahem! I'm the author of Why Angry? you know) You don't even have to delete the ebook and all the bonuses from your computer.

"What if James don't reply my email?"
Hey, I'm still alive! Don't believe me? Just use the little form below to contact me. You should get my reply within 24 hours because I check my email a few times in a day unless I'm traveling.
If you want faster response, such as right now, you can call my mobile phone at +60167705959. It's a Malaysia number. So please call between 10am to 10pm GMT+8. I need to sleep you know.

I can only speak English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Tamil and Artic language. Opps, my imagination runs wild again! Actually, I only speak English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia, our national language. If you don't speak those languages, don't worry. We still can use hand language.

So are you ready to improve your life?
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